Security Camera Whittier, CA

Surveillance Camera Installation Whittier, CA

Get affordable Security Camera installations on Whittier, CA and CCTV equipment with commercial quality and 2 years warranty. We have been working in the city of Whittier since 1995, Installing security cameras. The first step that we have to take before provide our customer with a detailed proposal, is to visit the place where the customer wants the security camera system to be installed. The type of camera has to be selected according to the location to get the best results. There are different types of security cameras with different characteristics, and shapes: outdoor, indoor, infrared, white balance, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, hidden and vandal proof. These security cameras come in different shapes, round like a dome camera, cylindrical like bullet camera. For example if we are looking for nigh vision cameras we have to choose “infrared camera”. If we are looking for outdoor camera we need to look for weather resistant camera. If the security camera can get rain is better to install bullet camera, because this camera has an extra protection on the top of the cylindrical body to avoid continuous contact with rain directly to the lens. We use dome camera when the look of the camera is important. You can find this camera in small sizes and infrared type. This camera is commonly installed on the ceilings of offices, retail business, and residences. There is another surveillance camera very similar in shape to the dome camera, it’s called Turret Camera or Dome turret camera. The advantage of this camera is that is infrared, and can be installed on a ceiling or a wall and can be used outdoor or indoor. White balance camera surveillance is commonly used for outdoor to balance bright light with shadows. The regular CCTV camera can see the bright spot but no the dark spot. Pan-Tilt-Zoom is called in short “PTZ” camera: Is a camera that we can rotate, tilt and make zoom. We can find this camera for outdoor and indoor. This security camera can be control by the DVR or NVR, or remotely through smart phones or computers with internet access.