Security camera North Hollywood, CA

Surveillance Camera Installation North Hollywood, CA

Get affordable Security Camera Installation on North Hollywood, CA and CCTV equipment with commercial quality and 2 years warranty. We have been working on North Hollywood, CA, since 2005. If you are in the market for security camera system you’ll find that thera are 2 main technologies; analog security cameras and IP security camera. On analog cameras you’ll find resolutions of 2 megapixels (1080p) and 3 megapixels, these are wired to recording device such as a HD-DVR.

Analog systems use coaxial cables, the distance from the HD-DVR and the camera may be from 1 foot to 800 feet. In an outdoor environment this kind of wiring is perfect if the wire has to bear heat and water. In other hand with IP camera the distance from the NVR to the camera can’t be greater than 300 feet, without repeater. The advantage of IP camera is that you can find megapixels resolutions of 2 (1080p) ,4, 8 (4k resolution). Protection4Less has spent many years in the CCTV business installing IP or Analog cameras. We provide the best products with the best prices. We take our customers’ trust seriously. You can check our reviews on line. Give us a call to get now your security camera system, the estimate is free.