Security camera Hacienda Heights, CA

Security and CCTV Camera Installation Hacienda Heights, CA

Get affordable Security Camera installation on Hacienda Heights, CA and CCTV equipment with commercial quality and 2 years warranty. A few years ago we used to install the traditional analog CCTV. At that time the rate resolution of the cameras was given on TV lines. Now the new analog technologies are capable of high definition resolution, such TVI, CDI, AHD, HD-SDI and CVI. These security camera technologies can deliver 2 megapixels of resolution (1080p), the new standard CVI can deliver resolutions up to 3 megapixels. These analog technologies use Siamese camera wire (coaxial + power) to transmit signals and from the camera to the DVR. Sometimes network wire such Cat5e, or Cat6 can be used to transport signals and power with the proper adapters. High resolution analog security camera technologies can replace the old analog system just changing the components, with no need of rewiring. There is another technology that can give resolutions like 2 megapixels (1080p) and 4 megapixels (4K), this technology is digital and it’s called: IP Security camera system. This technology uses cat5e or Cat6 to transport signals and power. Protection4less only installs IP and TVI security camera technologies.  We these technologies we cover all the possible applications on the market. Protection4less have skilled technicians that will provide professional installation and service. If you want the best CCTV equipment and installation, at the right price just give us a call.