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I used to see my cameras in my smart phone, but I can’t see them now. What should I do?

R- Most of the people who have internet connection have a dynamic IP, this means that once in a while the WAN (wide area network) IP can change. Your modem in your house has an internet address that is given for your internet provider (Time Warner, Charter, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) this address is compound for 4 sets of numbers separated by a dot. For example, your phone relies on this IP number to find your DVR to give you the video of your cameras. If this number has change you won’t get the video of your cameras. The first thing to do to fix the problem is to get connected through smart phone, or computer to your network (inside your home). The second thing is to open a web browser like Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Internet explorer. In the address bar of your web browser you have to type the following:

After a few seconds a number will appear that number, that will be your new IP address. You can type this new address in your smart phone app to see the video of your camera again.